sellin a rare item

im sellin black armoured boots which r very rare r there any offers :?: 8)

black boots arnt rare they r only worth 235gp u noob. geez if u dont believe me go 2 runehq and check on items and type in blak boots and see wat there worth

lol true dat either he’s just trying to scam ppl or he’s just a noob and thinks 235gp is alot…

yah, that is funny, some guy said a spiked helmet was 1million

i think hes just a noob. and a noob rekons addy boots r 100k lol.AND i got my spiky helm for like 2.5k

Whats with everyone useing the word “noob”. It’s kinda starting to get old. let me see if i know how it works

someone who dosnt know much or is new
someone who sais or acts stupid
or is it something else?

probs all of the above and lvl 4 called me a noob and im lvl 67 wat a squeek!

I mite by