sellin iron!!!

I sell iron for 50 apiece. If you wish to buy please post here.

almost every person can make iron, only noobs would buy it, just sell it at a general store.

I must be a noob then, cuz I will buy all you want to get me.

i can get you 500 ores per shipment, just pm me in rs. My name is krick19

I’ll buy them, I am buying for Keyser!


i’m already selling to keyser, but ok. pm me in the game.

Okey Dokey, I’m going on in an hour :slight_smile:


how long will you be on?

ill buy lots i have 117k and ill spend it all on the iron ill be on for a while my name is death row 23…plz sell me lots…ok…see u later

                                                                        death row 23

thats not true, lots of people buy iron!

ill take 10k for 75 each!!!

i buy all the iron u can get for 100 each