sellin loads of deaths

sellin 6k death runes offer each plz

ill start at 150ea :cheerful:

well if we have to deal with these kind of people i am starting them at 300ea

i buy 2k for 275 each

hhhmm i know this never happens but yes i am quoting myself.

no1 is gonna buy for that much

last night i sold 5k death runes at 310each so dont give me that

well well k then i buy somewhere else

its cheaper on forums, u shud know that buy now, more haggling

deaths are only worth 250 to 275 max. Who ever you sold them to has made a really really bad mistake. !!

swlkov why dont you go to fally and get a real world wake up, they sell 300 to 350each

in fally they do not sell for 300 - 350 each, there no where near that value,

i am afraid to say, u have made a massive mistake !!!

hey swlkov…go to the rune shop in varrok and get a reality check there…the most they sell for is 223gp noob