sellin lobbies, swordies, and tunas

like the title says. just add ur runescape name, how many u want, and how much u will pay 4 each. ty
p.s. rs name is wiz96

i;ll take a lot of raw lobbies 190 ea

How much are you willing to sell cooked lobsters for? I’ll buy a good amount if they’re reasonably priced…My rsn is jarjarfied.

ok ill add u when i get on again. is there any certain amount u want??

3k raw lobs, 170 each.

-Jerk :snorkel:

hello… 5k raw lobs for 200ea

username: 1434sweet

ill take 100 cooked lobbies every week for 200-250 each

i’ll take 100raw-150gp

ok ill do this for the foloing for now… Dragonbaoz, darkbeast, and jacksai. ill try to get to u other guys asap. i wont b on till tomorrow till like 5 or so.

Ok, JUst to let you know, My username is coolcicada :yes:

hello… ill buy:

10k raw tuna for 800k

username: 1434sweet