selling 1.1k+ of limps!!!!

i am selling 1.2K of limprut roots rite now
auction starts at 500gp and ends with the highest bidder
rs name:phoenix1300

plz reply me soon none of my buyer is available rite now so i am selling them =(

forgot to say that i only have 100k right now …=(((((

BTW you always buy part of it like 600 of them

i am good now i was studying for english and if you have any thing to say about brian song plz tell me cuz i am taking a test tomorrow i know thisa is unrealted…but but my limps too ok? hee hee

dude, ui just quadrpled post

lol quad post…and ur selling 1.1k limps or 1.1k worth of limps?

i am sry i didnt notice…and i am selling 1.1k of limsp nto worth of limps sry =(

i am gonna delete the post then…and this post after ppl read it

lol dude u can stop posting right after ur last post…there is an edit button. before u get warned by someone for double, triple, and quad posting.

Back on topic:are u just selling all of them at once or seperately too?

selling them all or if u want to buy them seperately that is ok too

hey i will buy all 500each

Don’t sell them for anything less than 600 each, but more towards 850-1k a piece. Save them, I’ll find you a buyer darn close to 1k each if no one here offers that.

1k each?! thats like… alot of money, well i aint fighting that, sell to netzero

thanks alot !!! and i thought ur quitting rs cuz u got banned… hwo can u find a person?

have any one trying to pay more…?

BTW chaosnoob u never told me if u r buying them, r u?

nah im not buying them just wonderin what u meant…besides if i were i couldnt top 1k each…thats like 1.1mil

i know u didnt need to top 1k each i dont think he is buying them cuz he got banned =( so all u need to do is top 500ea…

he said hes gonna find a buyr for almost 1k each…i mean NETzEro usually doest lie (usually lol) so i think he will find u a buyer for 1k each or pretty close. i mean he has connections even though hes banned