selling 1 million coal, yes 1 million coal

I have 1 million coal and it has taken so freakin long to mine this much ****. I reallllllllllly wanna sell this I will sell for as low as 100 each if ppl buy large amounts but the less you buy the more it costs. if interested post below.

::edited for language::

i will buy it all every one
rune scape name lordchs world 28 sel lto me

ill buy 10k coal ores for 1mill

put a screen shot of
ur coal…

Ill buy 8k coal for 780k and rbaxe… rsname is flhunter67… plz reply here or pm me in game if our deal will proceed… plz i reall yneed this coal lmfao…

I’ll buy 10k coal for 100 gp each. I might buy more later.

I’ll buy 4k for 400k. Pm me in game. RS name is Annabelle790.

wow…1m coal…prolly u worked like 1 year to get them lol

btw, il buy the 1m coal…100 ea… 8)

rofl jk, i dunno what to do with 1m coal :stuck_out_tongue: