Selling 11.5k Of STEEL Bars!

Place A Offer Below!

1gp each

im winning

2 gp now im in the lead

can i buy 1k for 550k? if so add spiritw0lf in-game…

ill buy 100 ea

ill buy 500 and the other guy buys 1k, then you have 10k left

my order is
item: 500 steel bars
price: 550 each or 275k
rs name: grommet1131

I’ll buy 1500 steel bars for 750k.

ill buy all for 10m

jking how much is ur minimum price

il give you 6M for all ?

i buy all for 550 each

item:250 steel bars or the ores 4 it if it is cheaper or mor convenient 4 u

PM me in here or on game


ill buy 575 each… mm ill buy 2k steel