selling 1500 steel arrows

im selling 1500 steel arrows 70 gp each. 105k for all of them. it would really help me if u bought them all in stead of 100. so if u want to buy little bits dont buy ok? if your gonna buy them buy them all. 1500 arrows x 70 gp per arrow = 105000gp. so buy them all if your gonna buy.

No offense, but 70gp each is a freakin rip off -.-

well im at the arrow shop right now and the arrows are worth 72 gp for 1 arrow. hmm? explain that. 70 gp aint no rip off.

Lol, shops are all rip offs. Let me go sell my dragon chain to a shop for only 50k! Wow, what a deal! Anyways I can get MITH for 30 each, so no offense, but those prices are way too high.


That’s a rip, they are worth like 10 gp, you can buy mith for only 30 gp…

yeah rite, steel is 40 to 45 each, mith is 60 to 65 each

NO, I just buy from people, they just sell for around 30 gp for mith and you can get steel for 10 gp at lowes shop when they are full.

I wish I could get steel arrows for 10 gp each :cry:

FINE THEN offer me a price for my 1500 steel arrows.
yeesh, your not suposed to always make poeple not able to sell stuff. u shouldn’t even post if its not about the topic. man i hate u guys. u guys are so stupid. read the topic before saying “its a rip off!” just dont say anything. man u guys are so stupid.