selling 1k cow hides

selling 1k cow hides for 140 each

I will buy them, might not be on for awhile but add me and I will buy when I get on.

Oh, Hardcore and Keyser I posted first so I think its fair to say that you guys shouldn’t come and try to outbid me.

lol i have added u , u bought some for 200 each , and now u were sellign for 150

Umm… :idea: what? I did buy some for 200, but that is to expensive so I no longer pay that much. And why would I sell for 150 if I bought for 200?

ill buy ur hides 145 each

i buy 150 each

:roll: 155 each pm me if im on later

ill sell for 150 each to the first who pm me
nick:str axel

buying ur cowhides for 160 each! add and msg me in game my user is asuspro