Selling 1k Iron Ores and some Cowhides

Currently On Stock:

1k iron ore - Selling for 90-120k (And, yes, people do buy for 120gp each)
Cowhides - selling for 125+gp each

Oh, yeah. I also have 26 gold ore just laying around you can pick those up for 200gp each.


I’d like to direct your attention to these two links:
Click here to sell the ores:

Click here to sell the hides:


Or, you could sell to me, I’ll buy the iron ore 100k, how many cow hides do you have? I’ll put a price on them after I know.

I would’ve sold the ores in Keyser’s thread, but I sell for a higher price than he pays.
Actually, a buddy of mine asked me if we could team up. He has 500 iron ores. Would you be interested in buying those too? If not, I understand. I will just buy the other 500 off him then sell them to someone else. But if you are interested, fantastic! It would be the same price, of course. 1.5k for 150k. I am going to be offline for a few days. Would Sunday at 2+ central time be OK?

The cowhides are a work in progress. Currently, I only have about 220 or so, but I am going cowhunting right after I post this. I plan on selling them when I get to at least 500, if not 1k. I am buying 5, possibly 7k, cowhides from another player, but I don’t know when they will come in. I’ll keep you updated.
Thanks for buying and I hope you are interested in the new offer. If not it’s OK, though. Later.