Selling 1k willows

im selling 1k willows 20k cash only meet me in world 30 and pm me when ur want 2 buy also…my woodcutting lv. just hit 60 so i should have 500 yews soon which i am selling for either 220gp each or 110k for all of them

happy flecthing!!!

Ill buy those willows.

ok im going on2 world 30 right now if u want 2 make trade just pm me in game

ill buy em for 25k

first off whoever can contact me first will get the willows/oaks/yews which ever u prefer im goiong on runescape now im usually on around 4:00pm EST and then late at night from 8:00pm on til around 1:00am EST plz contact me
im cutting and cuting but no1 private messages me 2 set up a time 2 make the trade…so plz just add me then private message me!!! :tongue:
ps i stay in world 30 so just pm and ill trade it right away!!! :huge: :shades:
thx alot 4 ur time and patience

whats your rs name.

it is in my sig right next 2 the vuclan smilie^^^ but if u cant c it