selling 3771 cowhides!!!!

I’m selling 3771 cowhides to the highest bidder!!

i buy 40 gp ea

50 gp each!!

well someone offered me 150 each, so does anyone wanna go higher than that?

Nope. It looks like the person who offered 150 is the winner - though why someone would pay that much, I don’t know…

Keyser will buy 4 200 each just wait until he gets on k?

to late, i bid 160 each, Keyser isnt allowed to post in threads that i already bid in. And vice versa.

Also, I dont think Keyser has ever bought hides for 200 each, doubt he will also.

i dont 'know where you got that from. but i DO NOT buy cowhides for 200 each…

eh he, looks like peopel are starting to take things into their own hands for you Keyser :roll:

won’t do them any good. i currently have 13k cow hides… there is no way i’m going to pay 200 just to have more. these will take me a while to craft

lol wow 13k?! thats alot! 200each is alot man…

G-Unit add me and pm me when you see me on ok.

i bid 165 each!!

off topic but, keyser could you add me to your selling partners list? ill buy everything you buy

anyone going higher than 165???

ok if no1 goes higher tell me and ill buy

sold to MutationCM!!

if u havn’t sold to him yet i will buy 170 ea