Selling 3k Tiaras

Hi all, im selling 3k tiaras…
If you wanna train runecrafting a lot are tiaras the best wai to train runecrafting… I sell my tiaras for ?? gp ea ! OFFER ea plz! Best offer wins. Good luck

RSN: dries_1991

1gp ea this is ur hi-est bid lol

1.5 gp each

2 gp each!!! OO… burn…
So, when should I pick them up?

oh snap 3 gp EACH! oh yea im gettin it!

5gp ech im winning

5.1gp each! oh yea!

What do tiaras do anyway?

you can encharnt them and wear them, so you have one more space left for 1 more ess.

omg !!! 10gp each~!! i rule

11 Gp Each :):):):):):slight_smile:

So why would you sell 3k of them? Don’t you only need 1 then?

Noober, you get about 50 exp per tiara you make, it’s good RC training.