selling 4k mith arrows

I have 4002 mith arrows left to sell… If anyone wants to buy, post here.

Ty :slight_smile:

i’ll buy for 50k

sorry… but that’s just 12.5 gp per arrow

hey its the only offer lol, 75k final offer

I’ll buy, how much do you want? I"ll offer 40 ea. for right now

I’ll sell to you for 40 each :wink: , usually sell for more, but 40 is good. I need room in my bank, and switchin to runes for a few. rsn-lapeirce16. I’ll be on for a while, but seein as how it’s thanksgiving, I’ll have to go at like 4 or so (6 hours from now). Add me, and pm when you’re on if you want. ty