i m sell addy 0re if u want buy then add jiggy boy 69! i now online!
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how many?

4 thingsโ€ฆ

  1. DO NOT post in all capsโ€ฆ the topic will get locked (read the rules).
  2. As Keyser asked, how many?
  3. Along the same linesโ€ฆ how much?
  4. Donโ€™t smiley spam - itโ€™s freaking annoying and makes your post look bad.

I will buy addy. I added you on rsโ€ฆcheck my prices on the mining/smithing/crafting board.

selling addy 0re ea for 1k-900gp
add me:jiggy(space)boy(space)69 i m in world 1 but i can come to other worlds
i got 19 now
how many:
i m now online at 21:12=9:12pm ok

as a general rule, people donโ€™t like to buy unless itโ€™s in large quantities

Locked, no titles in all caps.