~ Selling Addy Scimmy ~

To Highest Bidder.

Add Archas Jr in-game.

1gp for my pure w00t!!! im winning!!! hey archas maybe when i lvl up my pure a lto to like lvl 45 maybe we can pk a little bit.

2 gp lol


fine then 3gp hahahahaha!

4 gp lol


1k i win!!!

nooooooooooooooooooooooo 1001 gp here :smiley:

you noobs jk, i bid an amazing 2k ooooooooooo! Im winning w00t!

grrrrrrrr im outta money now since i got hacked so i give up

yay! i win! I only have like 8k on my manin and 12k on my pure lol. So archas just add my pure so he can buy it lol. w00t!

stop gloating i feel like a n00b

ok ill shut my mouth now. lol too bad you got hacked though.

lol i got him back with a counter hack anyway lol


Serious bids please…

archas isn’t 2k a serious bid lol. I mean i bid higher then them so should i get it?

^ No. I don’t have to sell it because you bid that. Some people pay up to 12k for addy scimmies…

fine 8k for the addy scimmy thats my final offer lol :slight_smile:

sry for the immature bidding archas


ya same here since i was the on who started it sorrys.