Selling Addy (t) Full set with Kite

Hi guys and gals. I"m selling a full set of addy (t) armor including kite. Please let me know if you are interested in buying. Post here with your offer, and whoever has the best offer I"ll sell it to (unless someone sends me a crazy offer in game). I look forward to selling to you!


Just Added Addy (t) Helm and Kite in addition to the Full Addy (t)

Can i buy the platebody?

I would prefer to sell it as a set.

All right then!!

I just picked up another Addy (t) Kite and Full Helm. If you would like to bid on these items separately, please do so. I"m still selling the full set, but I have those items in addition now!

i will buy it all for like 700k.

my rs screen name is dandws2

dandws2, I’ll be online this evening around 8-9pm pst

Danadws2, where did you go? Online one sec and then gone lol. Let me know if you are still interested in buying. Thanks!