Selling bars (Steel and Silver) + some uncuts


300 Steel bars for 550 each (165k in total)
120 Silver bars for 400 each (or 45k the whole lot).


7 sapphires - 500 each
5 emeralds - 1000 each
1 ruby - 2000 (and 1 cut ruby for 1500)

Post here or MSG in the game: cristimsr

Ill buy 4 uncut rubys.8k right?

The number written before the gem is the number which I hold. So I have only 1 uncut ruby.

Oh ok sorry. :oops: Then ill buy one…

No prob. :smiley:
Well, for one, I don’t know if it’s worth the effort, but u can find me now around varrock.

a little “update” (lowered the price for silver and added some uncuts).

EDIT:The steel bars were sold!