Selling Black (t)

Selling Black (t) set. This set contains: a platebody(t), platelegs(t), kite(t), full helm(t), and a black battle axe.

Starting bid is 50k

I bid 60k :slight_smile:

i only need the pl8 and f-helm ill pay 60k for those two if ull sel. plz pm me or tell me if u sell to me.

i wil buy 61k all sett

look man ill i need is pl8 ill pay u 50k just for the pl8 will u sell to me

comeo ne it`s worth like 250k keep bidding

dude its nowere neer 200k its 120 for a full set u scammer i bought legs and kite for 30k both. so iether u go down or i wont buy, cuase its a scam.

Black(g) is the one ur thingking of,its worth 220k

hey flippy this is straight for the pricing guild on RSR so what now :lol:

Full black(t)- 150k to 200k

then that needss to be up-dated so wat now


I’ll pay you 175k for it.

i was hoping 200k

Ok, fine. I’ll pay you 200k.