Selling Coal 50gp each and Mithril Ore 250 each

I have mass coal around 250,000 coal ore and 25,000 mithril ores. Coal at 50gp each mithril at 250gp each meet me on runescape South of Ardy (for members) and in the dwarven mines (for F2P’s) To buy sent a message to this topic. OK.

i will buy 200 coal

I’ll buy 2k coal if your really selling.

What world in Ardy?

The only way u can have 250k coal is using an autominer. Which is really messed up, since u are screwing the honest miners. Kinda like what big corporations do to small businesses :x

I will buy 28k coal ores. (With 1.4mil)
please pm me.

i will be your permanant coal buyer if you wish.

lol hes not really selling at that price

I don’t believe this **** I dought " king of runescape 2 " has 250,000 coal. hes probaly just a scam. :evil:

lol. If you’re actually serious, then i’ll take 20k coal for 1 mil. But i really doubt that you have 250,000 coal, and i doubt that you would sell for 50 each even if you had.

Well…people should just calm down, if he doesnt respond or sell when you ask him, post here, but otherwise ill buy all 250k of the coal, or whatever you will sell me…

ill take 1k coal

i’ll buy 400coal i’m a non-member so i’ll half to met u at the dwarf mines what world?

i will buy 10k coal for 500k
pm me

I will buy 360k worth

i would like to buy 4000 for 200k, but i think this guy is screwing us over

i will buy 10k coal i beleive you :roll:

or maybe he worked a long time… derr

OK, it’s proven. This kid is a noob who just likes to post stupid things on forums to piss people off. I saw another forum by him saying he had 1 million of each kind of rune, and 50,000 of another kind of rune that doesn’t even exist (he made it up), and saying he was giving free runes for a small fee…How do you give free stuff and charge for it?

hey i will buy 2k of coal. Add deathman4212. or email me at

im pretty sure he doesnt have that much because if he did then hed b sellin for at least 200 each …

i am interested in buying 6k mith ore. I believe you are selling ore honestly. i will pay 250gp ea for coal.

PS: all those on forum calling him autominer without any prove should keep their mouth shut.