Selling coal - Need regular buyers

Get coal on a regular basis.

Looking for regular buyers to buy in quantity as I get the coal.

Won’t sell for less than 200. Looking to get 250ea.

Will deliver to any free world.

RS name is ‘mmerlinna’.

Contact me when I am online.

lol 250 each, ur a funny one
ill buy all 180 each if u want…


Well, you know, today I sold 500 coal at 200 each. And I have previously sold it at 250 each. So, maybe this noobie should be buying from you, lol. On second thought, why should I pay your prices when I can buy it from 40 to 125 each? And, yes, I did buy a few oddlots of coal today for 41 each, and more at 100 each, lol.

I see you also deal in iron ore. Well, today I sold 1000 iron ore for 100 each, basically my bottom line for iron ore. And I definitely have no interest in buying iron ore from you. I get quite a bit for free. Today I paid as low as 14 each and as high as 40 each for iron ore.

Maybe that is why I have gone from zero to over a million coins in just over two weeks.

I really do appreciate your offers, but since they are considerably lower than what I am able to get, I fail to see how either one of us stands to benefit in any way. The only real plus is that I would have a guaranteed market, but if need be I can live without that.

mmerlinna [the funny one]

Nobody buys 250 each lol… 200 is max, 180 is a good price.

If nobody buys for 250, then explain why I was offered 250 ea for 400 coal, why I accepted 250 ea for 400 coal, and why I got paid 100,000 for 400 coal.

Yes, 180 is a good price for coal. And yes I have sold as low as 160 ea in 100 lots when I needed the quick cash or because of previous commitments. Unless there is a good reason to do otherwise, in the future I will hold all coal until I can sell for at least 200 each.


well good luck selling here. there are plenty of people who sell 180-150. ur at the wrong plave to sell that much. Try the rs forums

lol i believe him… i see people buy at 250ea


Well if it’s so easy to sell your coal at 250 ea to alot of players, then why bother coming here?
If you had just taken the time to even look at other topics you will probably notice that the max price is 200, and nobody has ever bought 250 ea here on this forum…(of course ur here only a few days i think so you couldn’t know that, but that’s why maybe you should LOOK at the other topics)
You even say it yourself that you sold (even on the same day!!) coal at 200 ea and more.Then is my question: what are you doing here if you can easily sell your coal at 250 to alot of people?
Or do you come to play the ‘smartass’ and let everyone feel like a noob?

only noobs buy for that much

Lol, how ironic;)

lmfao! good luck on selling that coal.

As I say, " Don’t like the price? Leave!!!" Or just don’t post…


you guys are ****ing embarrising…

have respect on someone’s opinion k? ****ing morons

and yes xcheezy is right …“dont like the price? Leave!!”

hold hold! you guys always freakin mess up my post with my prices and my prices are already acceptable now u guys should shut up cause i know u do it too, and basicaly we’re trying to help him out so shut up.

were telling him that nobdy would buy for 250e here hes in the wrong forums

zammar i wasn’t talking about the people who are talking about his prices i was talking about that noob that said if you don’t like it get out.

Just for the record I have not had any trouble getting 250 each for coal and have sold over 20k since my last post. Only once did I take less, and that was cuz I needed the cash, and even then sold for 225ea (sold 4k coal for 900k cash).

Only noobs buy at 250ea??? How many noobs do any of you see with 900k cash laying around and combat levels in the 70s and up??? Obviously you got it backwards, ‘Only noobs SELL at 250ea!!!’ :slight_smile:

The only reason I came to this forum in the first place is because someone else suggested that it might be possible for me to find regular buyers here. Needless to say, this obviously is not the forum for the likes of me.

Since it has worked so well in the past, I will continue to be the lowest priced buyer and the highest priced seller.

And, finally, I currently have just over 6k coal for sale. Any takers??? :laughing: If not, no big deal, as I have over 10000k (10 million) value in inventory of other things that I can sell instead.

Yea, if you really want 250 ea, then the rs-forums are the best place to go though, you won’t find much billionsairs here, or very desperate people here that buy for 250 ea :slight_smile:
Although, you never know…

Wow you are so cool thats amazing i wish i was as cool as you; you are my hero.