Selling death and chaos


all death cost 300 ea


all chaos cost 150 ea

ps if u r f2p then i will meet u on server 82 but if u r a p2p then will meet u on server 84 all in fally port sarim

Hmm can i buy 1000 for 100ea please?

nope the prices there r the prices im staying at no going lower

i will buy 1k deaths fro 300k?

ok ill have that soon i just got hacked an i lost every thing so i have no runes ill have by monday

ok why is everyone getting hackeed…

cancel my order

i will buy 1K chaos 150K plz get asap

k its going 2 take longer cuz i have no ess and im broke so i have 2 mine them so just give me some time

Ill buy all the chaos!!!

ill u buy at the stated price???

Ill Buy The Friken Death Runes!!!

ok add me in rs prailone

300 gp each for a death rune thats to over price

I’ll buy 500 chaos for 75k. RS name is Druu Down. I’m F2p.

add me in rs my name is prailone post your name