selling ess 43 each

sry for posting so much but i need to post the new prices, my username is just ike on here, and im in varrock east bank world35

How much are you selling them for? :smiley:

43 each baldur

that’s a little high don’t you think?

by the way u want to be friends? :yes:

since i’m new?


not really i was selling for 50 but no one bought

how about 30-35 each

the reason why im asking to be friends is because i can’t play until i get my new computor at christams.

we had a virus and now its too slow to play runescape on

ill be your freind cus my computer’s skrewed too, but im not selling my ess 30 each

alright, cool

are you a teenager?
im wondering cause i dont want to be talking to a 60 year-old man or something

how about 35 each?

yeah im 15 and no not 35

good im 13 and on december 20th i turn 14

how much for them then?


43 each

in the game i only got 7k, so how about we both mine ess and both make money?

cause thats a little too much for ess

at least for me


what’s your username?

ad me: SilvrDragn1

u mean on rs2?


are you on rigt now?

no, u know when i said earlier that my computor got a virus?

well, when i get a new computor with high-speed internet on Christmas, i can play.

My name on Runescape 2 is Baldur64

oh ok i understand