Selling Full Addy (g)

Hey ppl Selling full addy (g) for the low low price of 395k :smiley:

lol i wil buy for 300k

-.- Didnt you just post in my other one lol

i will buy for 350k
my rsn is sizlingchick i will be on at 4:30 pm central north american time


Actually I posted this topic. He is just being a selfish jerk and is selling for 5k less than I am. Thanks a lot you selfish jerk.

Huh ? This is Citrus lol , I forgot my pass again -.- And i wanted to sell for that if i saw your prices i would of PM the other ppl that did =\

Did you sell it yet ?

Iced, i will buy the full addy g for 400k.

i will buy for 350k