Selling Full Green Dragon Sets

Well I got tons of them, Only 100+ sets now.


I’m selling Full Green Dragon Sets
If you’re buying 1 to 4 sets then 15k each set
If you’re buying 5 or more sets then 14k each set :smile:
Will Reduce prices for items slightly if you buy A lot of sets.

FREE COIF with every full green dragon set. Limited supply.

Seperate Pieces
Vambraces - 3k Cash
Chaps - 6k Cash
Body - 9k Cash

Items that I accept for SETS
400 essences per set
50 nature runes per set
50 law runes per set
50 death runes per set
100 chaos runes per set
200 maple logs per set
50 yew logs per set
75 raw lobsters
25 steel bars
150 iron bars
Or other items, please offer

Rsn: Brandon13989 – Message me in game. All trades done on my world varrock east.
Please leave rsn here. If you want you may add lowkiller also, because sometimes i’ll be on him.

Also selling air runes 20gp each.

kaspy13 rsn
i want them for 50 nat runes

kk , msg me