selling full rune g!

ok anyone wanna buy full rune g it’s 2mil if anyone wants to buy it and i only accept money offers sry guys.

is 1000 law runes full rune with b axe all the rest of my money

common i would offer guthix kite full rune beserker helm warrior helm and atleast 100k (or 200k ) and ammy of glory if thats still not enough

if u wanna wait like 2 or 3 weeks ill have it for u

woopsy im not member forgot to mention that. and 1000 laws is only 400k on the streets. so since ther’es someone that’s gonna get the money in 2 or 3 weeks i’ll go with that then. unless someone can provide the money in a shorter time.

i will get it to u in about 1 or 2 weeks i am gonna have to mine 4 eva! wow 2 mil huh?

oooo 1 or 2 weeks that’s an even better offer! unless someone can do it in less time than that you got it!

acually laws are 300 ea… so 300k

ill buy it for 15k lol… :

i got hacked and lost 6 mill =( :frowning:
i would buy but i got hacked
im lvl 106 - combat

ok so when the dude who’s getting the 2mil in a week or two. my rs name is soulofdeath0 so just pm me when you got it.

is having trimmed armour just for looks? or does it have some sort of att/str/def advantages?..


ok give me about 2 or 3 days bofore i have all the money so i will buy it all but so it can b sooner can i pay u in steel bars i only need about 2 more days if i pay u in steel bars

hmmm steel bars eh? depends on how many steel bars you were planning to give and if it’s good enough i’ll accept the offer of steel bars.

nips yur non member? i cud give zammy kite and helm which is like 2.2 mil

zammy’s non member but i don’t want to trade my full rune g for that.