Selling full rune without kite

As the title says, I am selling full rune without kite. I am looking for some where around 160k.

140k good? its gonna take me some time to get my 1000 yews cuz i only have like 779 so…

Do you have a rune kite for sale, Iced?

Iced I give 200 law runes and purple gloves for the rune.

No I don’t have an extra rune kite, and no to the law runes. So far the 140k is winning but I would like more like maybe some where around 160k.

how much for the legs only

Why not just buy them all like you want to in your topic?

how much for for what i said on my topic

160k for rune legs, plate, and full helm. I will be in world 34 if you need further assistance.

I will buy it for 160k

Ok, sounds good.