selling full sara!!

selling full sara for 4mill cash… pafemose

lol…full sara is like 3.2 mil now.

Lol no kidding…since barrows came out it’s worth 3.2mil

I bid 3 mil. You could probably have gotten 4 mil a couple of months ago, but yeah, the average price now is 3-3.4 mil.

i give torags hammers and 1.2 mil

ill bid 3.15 mil.

i bid 1 gp

will u please post pic of u wearing it??? and if u have sara book and staff weild it to please…ive never seen them

kungfu i doubt hes gonna take a pic just cus u havent seen sara armor…but anyways yea ud be lucky to get 3.4m for sara

3.2 mil is my bid now.

~Infiltrator4 :ninja:

yup true sara is 3.1 but i was lucky enough to sell mine for 3.4!:D:D