Selling Full Wizard (G) !!!


u know now that i have sell my rune (T)
but i sell now full wizard (G)
plz offer!!!

or add me rs name: dudekiller01
am at most on world 96(miami)

300k once i get the money

is it f2p?

well how much for full i mite buy

should be in magic/ranged section

no it shouldn’t thats for runes this is armor. learn the forums:headache:

oh then i posted the red & black mystic in the wrong section oops sorry!

hello… is it f2p?

its f2p and i want around the 800k

lol and i cant afford it either.

That smilie combination = wrong. You made by brain explode…

Anyway, I don’t think anyone will pay 800k…

800k is an outrageous price, you might want to lower it.

ya… it’s hard to get 800k on f2p, unrelatedly I exclusivly play on world 96 least buisness drags me other places

lol you love my smily combo. and as long as their are no mage lvl requirements on it, i offer 365k

Lol when it first came out prices like 1.4m were paid for it, and now people are complaining that 800k is to much lol.

So do I win pl0x?