Selling Glory Ammies and Rings of Wealth

In stock:
Glory Ammy: 1
Ring of Wealth: 1

I’ll be getting more constantly.
Post here or PM Deatharmada

Umm… could you say what the price for any of these things are?

are they members only?

yes, these are members only.

since im a member on rs2 i buy them both ok and tell me the price doesnt matter but it better be under 300k or its not werth it ok my name is robert1214 ok add me and tell me when i can get them alrite cya bye

i would like to buy a ring of weath im not sure of the cost but im willing to pay 95k for one ring of wealth


im amazed at how few people know what a ring wealth is or what its worth. they are dragonstone rings that are enchanted and are worth 95k they increase ur chance of getting rare items and the dragonstone ammy or ammy of glory allows u to teleport to karamja, al kharid, edgeville. The glory ammy increased the amount gems u mine while wearing it.

Hope this helps

The amulet of glory also lets you teleport to draynor village.

I’ll buy one 95k though i already have one i need an extra so I won’t get freaked out when i’m at the dragons