selling gold bars and gold ore

i am selling gold bars for 300ea and gold ore for 200ea. post if u wanna buy and giv me ur rs name, u can also pm me.

sorry but that is way to high a price and I dont think many people will buy for that much

fine, i will sell for posted price(within reason) and i hav 1k gold ore and 1k gold bars

gold ore sells 4 l like 120gp not 300 ur payin like 2x the real amount and io can mine it with the rune pick i have

ps: minin lvls? 47 me

sry 4 my double post but i forgot about the poll. my farorite is the rune 2h

ya, i fogot to add it

u no u can make a update on it and add it but i already voted 4 the scmmy

err the prices are to high lower them and i might buy

the ore has been sold, but i still got 1k gold bars, selling for 200ea

i wil buy 1k gold ores

how much will u buy for ea?