selling good stuff!!

i selling

2 rune scimitar 35k each

1 rune kite 55k(sold) :!:

1 rune battleaxe 50k(sold)

1 rune claws 55k

1 rune full helm 40k

1 adamant (gold) helm 70k(sold)

20 magic short bow 5k each :!:

message me to buy in runescape my name is black boy999 :!:

can i pay in stuff?

i dont have money but stuff :slight_smile:

sorry :!: but i need money :wink:

please i need santa :smiley:

no ty :!: whats yours name in runescape :?:

the adam00

remember it :smiley: :!:

kk see you

ok see you maybe are u member in runescape :smiley:

yes i am :!: :!: in long time

me to :smiley:

plz can u give me 1 for 20k and a rune scimmy 8)

no thanks i need more money

i know you only will have money but i come with a stuff offer full rune no helm but a battle axe and 9 mage shorts and 50 laws(its a noob offer i know it)

is it a rune(gold trim) or rune(guthix) full helmet?

its gold