selling green holloween mask!

i am selling a green mask for 2mil if u think i am crazy for selling it this price i am not because if u go to wrld 1 rite now they r bout 2.1-2.5miol crazy!!!i dotn know why but i am on rite now plz add me ont he game my name on rs is the rsr name thx or reply below!

is any one trying the thing i told them to go to wrld 1 and u will find all the ppl selling the mask for crzy prices can any tell em why or if u want to buy lol thx

phoenix1300!! :?:

i would buy but im not a rich person

lemme get this straight u r buying the mask but u dont have 2m or u want to and u got 2m? :o

hey i’ll buy it 4 2.6 million(as they have gone up)

Well I doubt you’re interested, but I think this is two mil…

I’ll add a red headband to that, and trade it for the mask.

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

ill pay u 1mill, sara full helm plus a rune battle axe

hey ill add a sara legs

100k from the normal guy gandalf 2019