selling herblore stuff

ok i dont want any of my herblore stuff (i hate herblore) so im selling all i have

Unids above harralander: 7 different herbs, 87 unidentifyed herbs in total

Harralander-20 in stock

Marrentill-4 in stock

Janger Barries-2 in stock

Tarromin and dragon scale dust- both 1 in stock

40 water filled vials

Post ur offers here

Also im in need of money real bad so if anyone wants, i could get janger berries and dragon scale dust for them, just dont dont go out ragious with the ammount you want because i have school work and whatnot to do on weekdays

i will buy 17 harranders 1k each rs name someone133

umm yeah ok im eastern time and am usually on betwine 4:00pm-9:00pm

Rsname: scorchy0

So that will be 17k. What world do you want to meet on?

im english so i can only meet youre time around 4 to 5 o clock and u can choose the world

ok im usually on world 6 and im allways moving around so if you want to pick the place to meet you can

is ardy ok