Selling Iron Ore

i have 800 iron ore at the moment and im mining more all the time, my rsn is badger z so message me. ill sell for 75 apeice which i think is the value right now?

I give free iron bars, so really, theres no more compitition left in the Iron market.

Note: Service only available to clans

iron ores worth almost nothing i can mine like 200 in 30 minutes

well cowandduck there actually is market for iron, i jsut sold 1k iron for 78k and i got another 600 ready to sell

There is a huge market for iron… i buy it all the time. I am buying prolly another 1k next week.

lol i bougt 2.5k for 50 each and sold them for 100 each!!! not only is a market it pays beter thin coal i think

yeah the facts are
coal takes like 3-4x the swings it takes to get iron
coal spawns like 3x slower
coal only gives like 2x? the exp that iron gives
and there is much less competition for iron, expecially if you got a rune pick like most
coal sells for like 120 or so? apeice i think
iron sells for like 80 or so

people buy iron ore for a lot because steel bars are really eexpensive

ill buy all of ur iron ore

nevermind i see your sig

were u talking 2 me? and what do u mean by “badger Z: nevermind i see your sig”

i had asked what your runescape name was but i saw the thing in your sig that showed your name so i edited. i will sell

Oh My God! I could have been making money!!!

whats ur rs name and when will u b on?

my rsn is badger z and im on right now

i will buy all the iron ore you can get
my rs screen name is dandws2