selling out a LOT

selling 807 Coal 140 each!
204 Iron 60 each!
10 emeralds, Price check
368 Steel bars 480 Each!
774 Feathers 10 each
4 Sapphires
18 death runes
36 chaos runes
701 fire runes
70 lobs
Price check on the above five please

ill buy all the steel bars the saphs for 350 ea and the emeralds for 700 ea



sorry ill also take the coal

ur selling iron for more than coal? ahh well no thnx im here just lookin. nice prices though.

aint coal 100-150 he wants 60eh 4 iron that sonds good but im not buying

ill take all coal, 40 ea


no!! ill take ALL the coal 100 each!!! annd all the lobbies 100 each :smiley:

edited the coal price to 140, so soulless, 140 each?, lobs 100 each are ok, Jenkins, ok, when are u online?

Steven tea, 50 for the iron?

ill buy all the coal for 130 each today massgae me rsname: michael15041

and if the iron ore is 50 each ill buy it 2

im not on at any one time of the day