Selling Pixel cool Signature

Well it so happened that snuffles abandoned us and never payed me…so am am going to go ahead and sell it. I have already gave her more than a week.

I want a good amount of money fer it…or i will just use my character for a pixel i will make in the future

I would buy it but i’m not a big fan of animated pixel signatures. I would like to buy your work that aren’t animated and go for reasonable prices.

i can easily take off the animation…how much are we talking here?

I don’t think I will buy this one. The girl just scares me.

rofl…she scares you? I think she is hot…

someone should buy it considering already to little idiot kids told him to make pixs and havent payed…

i like it but i dont have the cash to pay for it
the girl is hot but here chest is like mosquito bites

thats scarry

i based her on models irl…so yeah…no its not…she is hot.

i agree with the unknown she is kinda hot

no im sayin its scarry u think a cartoon is hot…thats not rite

so… he based it on MODELS and models ar usally hot

so wat? a cartoon can be got…havent you herd of hentai? (not me) but some poeple perfer that…

think of manga…aka hot anime girls…

oh and runescape guy…call me chaos tayoko

so i think 25k is not gonn abe accepted?

…:: :duh: ::…

knew it just knew!!! but consider it when no one buys ok?

man if it was the guy that i wanted in it (from my order) ill pay u 500k
but u would have to change the hole person to a guy with all the items i said he had to wear in my order…and i dont think ull do that

hmmm, i might keep the girl for my sig…and chane the char to your thing…

if u would that would be awsome

ok i will…