Selling quite a bit of seeds!

Post offers. Please try and buy all of the one seed, otherwise i’ll have some left over (which I dont want).

1 Belladonna Seed
29 Guam Seeds
1 Cactus Seed
4 Avantoe Seeds
3 Poison Ivy Seeds
2 Kuarm Seeds
3 Mushroom Spores
32 Woad Seeds
700 Onion Seeds
1170 Potato Seeds
54 Nasturtium Seeds
29 Limpwurt Seeds
6 Whiteberry Seeds
33 Rosemary Seeds
438 Cabbage Seeds
178 Jute Seeds
310 Barley Seeds
155 Asgarnian Seeds
273 Hammerstone Seeds
92 Yanillian Seeds
112 Marigold Seeds

2 Banana Tree Seeds
2 Acorn Seeds
1 Apple Tree Seed

sickmate 8)

how much for guam seeds

ill buy kwaurm seeds, 3k ea

ill buy both acorns and the apple tree seed for a total of 15k

Sorry this is REALLY old. I am no longer selling. Could a mod lock?
sickmate 8)

damnit if i was a mod i’d lock it but sadly i’m not.