Selling rings of wealth

I have three rings of wealth. Post your offers here.

not bad…
but try going to another forum, this is for crafting SUPPLIES, not the
final product… the jewelry area is for that.

Well kingofallpie, there is no forum dedicated to jewelry. Read the notes for this forum, it says jewelry.

Yes i looked and found that out, and I concede defeat.
I was bored. You know what happens.

Does anyone want to buy them? I’m getting desperate so i’ll sell them for only 85k each. Anybody?

I’ve been trying to sell for 80k each for weeks and I still can’t sell mine. They’re really hard to sell.

i think people wonder if there wasting their money… maybe giving a describtion what the ring does might help

I sold them everyone. Yay! Well actually I traded 2 of them and 298k for a maul…which I traded for d spear and rune bax…I then sold the bax and traded spear for maul…which I sold for 400k…I think I got ripped off…maybe not…Oh well, there sold now.