Selling Rune Armor

Rune ChainBody 40-60k Negiotable
Blue Gloves 3k SOLD to Sharpshoot at 2.5k
Ammy of Defense 3-5k Negiotable
Addy Scimmy 4k
Full Addy 30k Sold to Buyer at 21.5K
Gold Ring 1-2k Negiotable
Thank You

those are way overpriced

legs 50-60k
chain 40-50k

i said negiotable
i want people to go a little lower those prices r set high

rune legs are sold still selling rune chain
also i hav full addy wit an addy scimmy for sale for 30-35k
and ammy of defence 2-5k
blue gloves 3k

I want the gloves. Will negotiate on rs. RS name: sharpshoo147