Selling Rune Kite (H) (cheap)

I am selling a Rune Kite (Heraldic) for 350k. A friend sold it me for a bit cheaper but that’s cus he’s a friend and needed to sell it fast. But now I think I’m gonna sell it for a bit of cash, and I don’t really need it. It looks cool and is different colours.

Rune HQ says 600k - 800k says 500k - 1000k

I’m selling for just 350k.

Add me (Wyatt_Drago) not sure when I’ll next be on but I’ll be around seer’s village, on world 64.

got any normal ones?

also, whats the design? trangles(4), squares(2), what?

also do you still have it

I still have it, the design is this one:

Edit: Sold, sorry.