selling rune stuffs

am selling my rune stuff…duh


medium helm

please offer

runescape name is dragon9567[/u]

how much for the med helmet? pm me.

my name is jackster07 and i want to buy your rune pl8 i pay 250 big bones for it which u can sell 400gp each!!! add me

10k for med helm


big bones are worth 150gp, 200gp max you will never find anyone to buy for that price

i’ll buy the legs for 45k

I’ll buy the legs for 55k.

ill sell the legs for 60 k

and i said offer, i dont want bones

Never mind, I already bought rune legs from Calenel. Also, big bones can go as high as 400 gp each if you have them in bulk.

i pay 60k for pl8 body

60k for rune platebody is way too low.

Do you have a rune kite for sale?

i will buy the scimmy 30k