Selling runes

im selling:
7 nats
4 laws
90 cosmics
175 fires
135 mind
93 waters
12 bodys
and a fire staff
i really just want to get rid of them ill take most any offer

Add me. Gym Leader, Ill buy your mind runes 2k!

fires and minds sold

ILL buy the fire staff! I’ll buy it for um… uuh… im kind of broke… but i uh… um… ill… uh… i dunno… do you want any equipment? I might be able to borrow some stuff from my friend.

illl buy nats for 200 each!

how much for all the cosmic? what do cosmics go for now? like 100 -300 or somethin? :?: :?

al my runes are sold, sorry guys. Ive still got the fire staff though.

I’ll sell ya 1400 cosmics for 250 ea if you buy all of them. I have another post up in marketplace. Let me know if you want them.

what u have left