Selling Santa. And some stuff.

Selling santa!

Also selling 2 lava battle staves.

Addy boots.

2.6K cow hides. 450K

700 Cosmics.

807 Nature runes.

Rune legs.

Loop half.

210 Steel bars. 110K

Ill buy the cow hides but not for 450k ill buy them at 100 a piece thats 260k and ill buy the natures at 300 a piece which is 242k Thats 502k total

how much for ur santa hat

Sorry I merchant cow hides, so “I” bought them a 100-125 each.

Ill sell 150 minimum and I sell natures 350-400. Sorry

then sry i cant buy

nolty i thought u were quitting…y buy stuff?

kinda expensive for steel bars aint it?

I’ll take the natures 350 each… how much for Santa?

All the items I’ve sold…

Mod please lock post.

for when i get bak i can fletch and alch