Selling Santa Hat

I am selling my santa hat and i am taking highest offer, thx.

Moved to the Rare Items section.

I would bid, but I’m sorta outta money… =/


4.8 mil+1gp…

trade u halloween mask 4 it, which considering halloween is nearly on us i think thats a tasty deal :slight_smile:

it depends for him what color it is
green is a bad deal but red and blue are fair deals

i’ll trade my santa for a blue mask…=)

na its green which is so far the highest offer.


5 mil, paid in rune sets.

you guys are so stupid

5mil+1 gold

u fit right in then :slight_smile:

lol i would buy but i way too poor

75k poor

well guys the holloween masks souds ok but i would rather have it in cash and maybe for like 5.5 mill or so.

5mil and 2gp

i buy for 1mil
rsn:carl de best

Errr. that was 3 weeks ago, I think he sold it by now.

ya lol why arent u guyz just making ur own post??