Selling sig

I am selling the following sig

Signature 1

Signature 2

Post if you are interested, and i will tell you the price.

why would we buy those?

I will change the names and stuff, lol.

Those are cool. I think that most people will want Number 2.[/list]

i might buy 1 ill tell u if i do

how much u want for it?and is it rs gp or real gp?

First person to say they want it can have it for free.

I want the 1st one and I want it to say Matt6233

Here’s ya siggie

<img src="">

yea… those are cool but i’ve got my favorite one. :wink: thanks to jacob…

2k for the blue 1 :lol:
oh my name is sidewinder86 also :lol:

so will u sell? :roll:

I’ll make avatars for people, I made the one i have now in o about 20 minutes of actual work.
Just pm with what you want and i’ll tell you how max is 50k and thats for a avatar that will take me 2 hours. 25k per hour. so i think thats like 416g per min. lol

can sum 1 plz tell em how ppl make sigs and put names on it plz plz plz veery one’s look so cool but mine with none lol