selling small amounts of useful stuff

ok, heres some stuff im selling most of it is really easy to merchant or useful in magic, crafting etc.

1 of each type of elemental staff- starting price 1300gp each
27 saphires cut- starting price
9 emeralds cut- starting price
29 cosmics runes- offer
28 laws runes- offer
26 natures runes- offer
1 pair of blue gloves- starting price 2.2k
full green dragon hide- starting price 16k
amulet of defence- offer
amulet of magic- offer
full blue wizard outgit comes with blue cape- offer
70 addy arrows- offer
314 iron arrows- offer
124 bronze arrows- offer
37 mith arrows- offer
78 coal- starting price 12k
dragon fire shield- offer
rune pickaxe- starting price 29.5k

All bronze arrows 6gp each - add Archas Jr.

ok meet me world 30 whenever u want, im going on right now

ill take all da coal for 12k
ill take all emmy for 500ea
ill take all saphhy for 250ea

username: 1434sweet

All the elemental staffs 1.3k each, full green d hide, blue wizard outfit (5k), and 314 iron arrows. Total: 13340gp

RSN: Drag9999

pm me on rsr to set up a time plz, im going on now but only an hour or so