Selling Some Big Bones

Selling no more than 100 per person. Post your RSN and how much your willing to pay per bone.
You dont have to buy 100 b bones, but NO MORE(and I mean that)


i dunno ill pay about uh i dunno how much you want for them?

100 @ 250 each? How many do you have, total?
RSN–> nortnort

i want 100 big bones@ 225gp each i will be a perm buyer add me


i dont sell more than 100 per person, and no perm buying considering i didnt even mention perm buying.

ok then i take 100 big bones @ 225gp each!!!

ill take 100 big bones at 250ea plz thx sam

ill take 100 big bones at 225gp each plz


PM me in game when order is ready

RSN: jason x310

ill take 100 @ 225 ea
rs name: k0rn92664

ill take 100 at 200 ea

i buy 100 b bones @ 200each

All at 350 ea

kk, if you have a suitable offer, add me and we’ll talk in game.