selling steel bars!!!!

hi ppl i’m selling steel bars 500gp each anybody interrested.

ripp off

8O :evil: :evil: scammer there worth about 50gp each addy bars are worth 500gp

i will buy all steel bars at 500 each and all addy bars at 1.2k each

omg…steel bars are worth 500 gp and even more…losers

People, please do not spam nor flame.

Steel bars are 500-600gp
Adamant bars are 1.8k-2.2k

Yes. These are the CORRECT prices. Do not try to trick others into selling to you for less.

Back on topic, I’ll buy 2,500 steel bars at 500gp each.


ok at moment i only have about 200 k add me my rs name is jackster07

was that for me or for commando?

that was for commando

even though i offered the price you wanted?

After I posted. Sorry. Jackster, I replied to your pm.