selling stuff.. new stuff edited

im selling:
rune chain 50k
Rune 2h 60k
adam pl8 17k
1100 fire runes 20k
53 gold bars 16k – SOLD
84 iron ore 7k – SOLD
NEED MONY DESPERATLY… :wink: :lol: :wink: :lol:

Do you have any chaos, air, or mind runes? I will buy chaos for 100 gp each, air for 3 gp each, and mind for 5 gp each.

ok i have 50 chaos… not verry much :roll: :roll:

i have 400 chaos offer very good price or iam not selling … :lol:

I migt buy the pl8 after i sell all my yews…but thats when i get 1k yews and i have 779 now. So keep it on reserve plz!!!

ok is ur rs name same as here?

I am buying chaos runes for 100 gp each.

I’m buying rune chain 35k.
PM me if you wish to sell. I might have bought one already.


adam pl8 adam is my name too

runephilip i’ll buy all your fire runes. my rs name is alx11636 (i know its stupid) Is your rs name same as here?